What a wonderful world

With the first exhibition in the brand new gallery space in Berlin, kunst.licht Gallery presents four artists and powerful voices from China, who use photography as the medium of their choice to reflect and process their inner worlds and the outer, to the Western mind often baffling, realities of their homeland.

All of them have strong ties to Germany, having studied in Kassel, Berlin, Munich and Brunswick, and some even made Germany their chosen place to be, to live, and grow. This shared part of their biographies gives the works of these four artists a unique depth and perspective. Being Chinese they are inseparably linked to China and, at the same time, have become foreigners, looking at a world that is the same as the one they are standing in now and that is yet so profoundly different. They share the ambiguous, sometimes uneasy feeling that everyone who has lived for a prolonged time in a culture different from his own can comprehend, and that changes ones perception forever and cannot be unlearned.

And as China is growing more influential every day and begins to settle, however reluctantly, into its role as one of the leading nations of the world we need these artistic voices to help us understand and translate the Dragon, a contemporary China that is, faster and stronger than ever, oscillating between the needs of a modern and open information society and the wet dream of a neo-Maoist Shangri-La.

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Lian Zhiping

Archive Of 1983

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Shan Feiming

Rubber Tree No. 1

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Tang Jing

No Where There,
2#Hangzhou 2#

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End of Spring 08


David Elliott is a curator, writer and professor who has directed contemporary art museums in Oxford, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Istanbul. During 2014 he was Artistic Director of A Time for Dreams, the IV International Moscow Biennale of Young Art, co-curator of PANDAMONIUM: New Media Art from Shanghai and Fragments of Empire at MOMENTUM in Berlin, associate curator of the Hors Piste Film Festival in Tokyo and curator of Art From Elsewhere. Art from British Regional Galleries, a Hayward Gallery Touring Exhibition at present in Glasgow.

He was President of CIMAM (the International Committee of ICOM for museums of modern and contemporary art) from 1998 to 2004, the Rudolph Arnheim Guest Professor in Art History at Humboldt University,Berlin in 2008 and is currently President of the Board of Triangle Art Network/Gasworks in London, Chairman of MOMENTUM in Berlin and a Visiting Professor in Curatorship at the Chinese University in Hong Kong.

About kunst.licht

Founded in 2008 by entrepeneurs and art collectors Lin Yun and Sven Muentel out of love for fine art photography, kunst.licht Gallery has grown into a well respected hub and professional platform for artists, collectors and cultural institutions worldwide.

With representations in Shanghai, China’s global city, and Berlin, Europe’s creative machine, kunst.licht Gallery is well positioned to explore and define new artistic trends as well as established positions in the world of fine art, and to build cultural bridges between East and West with a special focus on China and Asian art.

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